House Keeping Policy

Construction regulation 25 | Environmental regulation 6

We will ensure that:

  • House keeping is continuously implemented
  • Materials and equipment is properly stored
  • Scrap, waste and debris are removed regularly
  • Materials placed for use are placed safely and not allowed to accumulate or cause obstruction to free-flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Waste and debris not removed by throwing from heights but by chute or crane
  • We practicable, construction site are fenced off to prevent entry of unauthorised persons
  • Catch platforms or-nets are erected over entry and exit ways or over places where persons are working to prevent them being struck by falling objects
  • An unimpeded worksplace is maintained for every employee
  • Every workplace is kept clean, orderly and free of tools etc. that are not required for the work being done
  • As far as practicable, every floor, walkway, stair, passage and gangways is kept in good stat of repair, skid-free and free of obstruction, waste and materials
  • The walls and roof of every indoor workplace sound and leak free
  • Openings in floors, hatchways, stairways and open side of floors or buildings are barricaded, fenced, boarded over or provided with protection to prevent persons from injury and possible falling