Safety & Health Policy


Our commitment to ZERO incident applies to the health and well-being of all employees, the safety of each individual and the sustainability of the natural environment and society at large.

We acknowledge that our employees are our most valuable assets and that each employee has the right to be provided with a save and healthy environment to work in.  We are of the opinion that no one has to suffer due to injury or ill health conceded at their place of work.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the potential for injury and risk of damage to equipment whilst conducting work on our customer’s premises and we therefore need to  re-assure our customers that we can conduct our business in a responsible safe manner conforming to required safety standards.

Our safety plan is based on the NOSA MBO 5 star safety and health management system

All injuries and occupational illness, as well as safety incidences are preventable.  Everyone at our company is accountable for his or her own safety.  Our collective goal for all of them is ZERO.


To achieve this goal Palasteel Projects will:

  • Maintain a safety and health management system
  • Ensure that there are safe work procedures for all hazardous tasks
  • Provide appropriate safety and health training and personal protective equipment
  • Provide equipment and facilities that can be operated safely
  • Adopt a ZERO tolerance approached to unsafe acts and conditions
  • Ensure that employees comply to our policy
  • Be transparent and communicate frequently with clients
  • Comply with legislation
  • Review this policy at regular intervals.


In turn Palasteel Projects expects employees to:

  • Come to work fit and able
  • Ensure that they can work safely before starting a job
  • Follow safety rules and procedures
  • Stop the job if any unsafe condition is encountered
  • Look out for each other
  • Report all incidents and injuries immediately




  • In 1999 the company was awarded the Best Contractor of the year award at Extension 8, Foskor
  • April 2003 the company received a certificate of excellence for the Best Contractor of the year by Foskor.
  • In 2006 Sasol awarded the company with a certificate of recognition of outstanding performance
  • In 2007 the company received a 5 start award from Sasol
  • In 2008 the company received a golden award from Sasol
  • In 2008 the company received the Best Contractor of the year award by Palabora Mining Company